Take A Walk, New York!

Do you love New York City? Would you like to explore different New York City neighborhoods and be healthier? Well, if that's the case then Take A Walk, New York! is for you.

Take a Walk New, York! a program of free, guided urban adventure walks taking place on weekends in all five boroughs is about to begin its fifth year.  The program is a wonderful way for New Yorkers to walk for health while exploring their city. Take a Walk, New York! is designed and implemented by the Neighborhood Open Space Coalition, and is a component of the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene’s Listen to Your Heart Campaign. The Take a Walk, New York! program is open to everyone.

Several times a month TAWNYs (Take A Walk, New York! participants) meet at a different location in one of the 5 boroughs to explore a new neighborhood. The walk is free, and usually takes 2-3 hours.

If you are a first-timer to the group you will be given a "passport" and you will receive a “visa stamp” at the end of each walk.

You won’t believe what walking can do for your health. Engaging in regular moderate-intensity physical activity, such as walking for a half hour on most days, substantially reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease: New York’s #1 preventable killer of both men and women. Cardiovascular disease includes heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Regular physical activity can also help prevent diabetes and some cancers, and help you get fit, release tension, and feel more energetic.

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Take A Walk, New York! is
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Once a year we ask TAWNYs to join and/or make a contribution to Neighborhood Open Space Coalition / Friends of Gateway (Take a Walk, New York! sponsors). That request has never been more important than it is today. We're facing a tough year in 2008. NOSC needs your support more than ever. We hope that you will come through with a membership donation and perhaps a little extra to help us continue our work for a more humane city and to keep the TAWNY program walking.

Donate NowThis year Amex has offered us the following benefit: By making your donation through the GivingExpress® program from American Express to our organization, you can earn double Membership Rewards® points* for virtually every dollar you donate with an eligible, enrolled American Express Card now through December 31, 2007.

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How To Go From Here to There

We have always tried to start and end TAWNY at public transportation points. From time to time people have asked for more explicit directions and travel times. We have found and want to pass on a great website that can provide door to door directions. HopStop.com also gives pretty good approximate travel times and offers mode of transportation options. I have even used it to setup a walk for myself. Anyway, give it a try. www.hopstop.com

TAWNY Family Photos

Take a look and remember.

Over the last few years TAWNYs have spent many Saturdays and/or Sundays together. We've visited many unique neighborhoods in all five boroughs.

(download TAWNY Album pdf)

When Not Walking, TAWNYs Should Be Growing!!

With all the press regarding the need for Americans to exercise more, and TAWNYs ever tightening budget (which means we are doing fewer walks), here is an alternative activity: THE GATEWAY GREENHOUSE EDUCATION CENTER at Floyd Bennett needs volunteers. There's lots of work you can do, mostly on weekends - although there are some weekday times when the greenhouse is manned.

Hands On Activities
· Planting
· Seed Collection
· Inventory/Labeling
· Weeding/Watering
· Light Construction Projects
· Clean-up of Greenhouse area

If you (your family, your friends and the neighbor up the block you've been meaning to get to know) are interested just give the office a call (212) 228-3126.

Download Walk PDFs

Did you miss one of the three Step Out walks? Don't be dismayed, you're a TAWNY, you can do it on your own. Of course, you should do it only if there is no TAWNY walk scheduled. Download any of the following and get out there.

Step Out Bronx Handout with map (pdf)
Step Out Brooklyn with map (pdf)
Step Out Harlem Handout with map (pdf)


The President's Council on Physical Fitness has released a new online program designed to help Americans maintain a regular physical activity routine. The site, designed for individuals, families, schools, businesses, and organizations, can be accessed at http://www.presidentschallenge.org/.

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Neighborhood Open Space Coalition (NOSC) works with grassroots groups to protect and improve open spaces by carving out greenways, defending community gardens, developing public access to the waterfront and working for an improved and well maintained parks system. NOSC also provides up to date information on environmental issues affecting New Yorkers through its award-winning newsletter, Urban Outdoors.

Email us at info@WalkNY.org if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments regarding the walks!

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